Cajun Shrimp Chowder

Match Day celebrations went all the way to Tuesday for me—a foreshadowing of Mardi Gras’ to come… TULANE! We are going from snow to swamp in two months, which will pass in a blink as did this very special day:    And to celebrate, my palette brushes dip into Bayou flavors for color and spice. […]

Great Grandma Moog’s Gingersnap Cookies

I never knew Great Grandma Moog, just as I never knew Shakespeare or Picasso—all the same her artwork has touched my life and for that I have a sense of fond familiarity. I don’t even know whose Great Grandma she was, not mine, but now that this shared recipe has permeated the cooking blog culture, […]

Tartine Baguettes

I have not been impressed with any green bread recipe I’ve ever tried. And Irish Soda Bread is, at best, a shot put. I did make some killer guac for the St. Patty’s Day party I attended over the weekend. This St Patrick’s Day, I’m simply celebrating nature’s early green curling onto the branches out […]

Almond Toffee Tart

The classic show up to a party a week early and no one is home—that was Saturday. There is such a flurry of socializing in this three week count-down to Match Day, with all the fourth years on didactics (read: we are sleeping normal hours, or not, because we are enjoying each other’s company and […]

I Live Under the Corn Tower Chowder

The preparation of “Rank Order Lists,” a tragic game of favorites used to match medical students with their residency institutions, is a phenomenon I’d also liken to Box of Lies, a Jimmy Fallon mixer that KP and I appropriated this year for our annual Christmas present-as-prize spectacle with our families. The awkward chicanery on both sides […]