Dhoodhi Handvo, or Indian Zucchini Muffins

It’s a gorgeous autumn day in New Orleans. I had forgotten how summery the southern fall tends to be. Perfect day for a bike ride around town to see what our local shops have in store for holiday gift potential. These ultra-healthy muffins for the granola Birkenstock crowd feature savory summer squash and are an […]

Tartine English Muffins

Tonight the first snow of winter shall fall upon our home—the coop has been revamped with a heated water tank, heat lamps, fresh hay and newly insulated walls—and yet, Betty White, in all her wisdom, decided that this would be a great time to molt. I hereby initiate the Save Betty campaign. I’m looking for […]

Coffee Cake Muffins

Stop Everything. And look at me. The muffin I am about to share with you is literally the Best Muffin I Have Ever Had. After my first bite, I had to close my eyes, bow my head and brace my temples between thumb and forefinger. Thank you Lord, for the gift of the perfect muffin, […]