Pumpkin Cupcakes for my Pumpkin

We celebrate Izzy’s 8th birthday this year with cupcakes, a kibble cupcake for the bully, and pumpkin marshmallow cupcakes for us. She has settled into our lives like an heirloom, a treasure, a thing that we have been lucky to get, ancient and precious, decorating the living room with various stations of repose. She loves […]

Caffeinated Pumpkin Powercakes and GIVEAWAY

I cannot imagine a more perfect protein supplement for resident physicians. CLICK is an easy add-on to whatever sort of hectic, shaken not stirred sort of morning you may be having, and the 16 grams of protein sustains. This week, I’ve been on nights, chugging like a Night Train up and down lonely, dark wards, […]

Cherry Ricotta Jam Tart and Halloween 2015

And oh what a Happy Halloween it was. KP and I hosted our first party at the new soon to be Fuchsia and Lime, and we were met by an overwhelming in-pouring of loved ones and friends, new and old, silver and gold. The next morning, among the happy spoils of a good time: a […]

Cabin Fever Pumpkin Swirl Cake

Winter in Minnesota reminds me of the evil oogly stare of Kaa in Jungle Book. But instead of a boa constrictor’s body, it is a scarf and mad bomber hat and down jacket that strangles me. Snow flurries induce the dizzying trance that has me zombie-walking to and from my car, never outside, never free, […]

Sour Cream Pumpkin Bundt Cake and The Giver

I think if I watch The Giver movie several more times I’ll have the secret of life. What a well-wrought tale, and beautifully filmed this year. One takeaway for me on this last viewing was to champion the hot and colds real life affords, alternative to the temperate climate of a benign life with its […]

Pumpkin Bread for a Graveyard Smash

Well, we finally had a graveyard smash at Fuchsia and Lime. Izzy really got into character as Beast when a long haired dachshund showed up unannounced as a guest’s costume accessory. KP, dashing in gold lamé, was the perfect Lumiere to welcome the masses…”Be our Guest, be our guest…” The winners of our costume contest […]