Baby Quinoa Cakes and Almond Crust Quiche ala Pereg

Standing in three feet of water on Saturday had me pondering apocalypse. Here in New Orleans, inexplicably, several pumps were out of order and then a cloud parked over the city and brought us 8 inches of rain in two hours. Maybe Randy Newman was right, “they try’n to wash us away, Louisiana.” Yeah, this […]

Quinoa Bread

All the time that I would spend coming up with some clever drivel to write here I conscientiously divert to the husband who has been gone for six weeks. Meanwhile, enjoy this happy commercial for easy quinoa bread.   Quinoa Bread Adapted from Five Minutes a Day Artisan Bread 3 cups whole wheat flour 3 […]

Quinoa and Brown Rice Bowl with Vegetables and Tahini

Because this next week in obstetrics clinic I will spend ample time with things germinating, gestating, gesticulating, what have you, I decided to spend the weekend sprouting mung beans for the first time, see what the health food craze with germination is all about. Rumoredly, an adverb lazy people or tabloid journalists use, people who […]

Quinoa Cakes with Red Curry Sauce

Love being home where I can learn Mom’s latest recipes—this dish a particular new fave. Fermented garlic is her savory additive of the hour—and despite its necrotic appearance, I concur—it is a vegetarian’s dream.  Notably, I tried to tout myself at the family dinner table as a reformed flexitarian, someone who eats mainly vegetarian dishes […]

Quinoa Salad and Marathon #21

Mom invented this killer salad and has graciously allowed me to share it with the world. She deserves credit not only for being a phenomenal cook but also for agreeing to babysit my sourdough starter for the next two weeks while KP and I are in England. My future bread depends on her! Quinoa Salad […]

Southwest Quinoa

While the Oscars rolled out the red carpet, KP and I rolled out the red table cloth. I’ll be posting all week from the Academy Award Party feast. To start, as it is the International Year of Quinoa (I love making the proclamation over and over), make this tonight and it will last all week. […]

Pumpkin Breakfast Quinoa

Again, it is the international year of quinoa, and so I am making special effort to learn new quinoa recipes. This was superb in concert with Sleepy Monk coffee made on French press. Pumpkin Breakfast Quinoa Hyvee Seasons Prepare 1 cup dry quinoa (the package should tell you how, 2 cups water to one cup […]