Gochujang Chicken with Crispy Rice

If residency forces a woman to identify with any one particular Disney heroine, I feel that Ariel from The Little Mermaid is who I’ve become. Each time I come home from a 30 hour shift and find myself ELATED to have the simple pleasure of making myself a salad at home or sweeping my own […]

Caffeinated Pumpkin Powercakes and GIVEAWAY

I cannot imagine a more perfect protein supplement for resident physicians. CLICK is an easy add-on to whatever sort of hectic, shaken not stirred sort of morning you may be having, and the 16 grams of protein sustains. This week, I’ve been on nights, chugging like a Night Train up and down lonely, dark wards, […]

Casarecce for Fortitude and Fortune

Fortitude is the guard and support of the other virtues, read the fortune cookie I opened in December of last year, right after finishing a grueling ICU rotation. And something like a stuck prayer, what do I find in the bottom of my call-night chucks after nine months, just before I lace them up to […]

Avocado Hollandaise on Poached Eggs on Rye

Glorious, just glorious. This is what my honorary grandfather Stanley says of everything he eats. His voice rang through my brain this morning when finally I had a breath of fresh time to make my own breakfast, slow, and with luxury. I sat with a full French press of coffee next to me on the […]

Cinnamon Swirl Bread and Human Training Wheels

I can think of few things for which I am more grateful than my mother coming to live here during my first two weeks of intern year, human training wheels. She has been busy sprucing up the dwelling, cooking meals, kissing my bulldog and mowing my stubborn grass patch with an impossible push mower—basically a […]