Bourbon Bread Pudding

Bourbon Street in New Orleans is decidedly the worst place to be on Saturday mornings, the cobblestones soaked with centuries of vomit and Ajax. But in a bistro eating a piece of Bourbon-soaked bread pudding? Nothing better. The smell of this dish baking in my oven helps me to catch the scent of jasmine and […]

L’Otto di Merano and Innocence

when god decided to invent everything he took one breath bigger than a circustent and everything began when man determined to destroy himself he picked the was of shall and finding only why smashed it into because – e. e. cummings Last night, I watched the 1979 film Being There alongside our Calvary film club, […]

Pain de Seigle Sur Poolish

I just made the biggest loaf. Seriously, this one almost didn’t make it out of the oven. Something having to do with the warm weather, I think, has made my yeast into super yeast. The dough from this seigle was trying to push its way out of the bowl and crawl out the back door, […]