Romano Bean Fritters with Chosen Foods

This is definitely an ideal Superbowl snack. What a great way to eat beans and peas. This recipe I found in a Canadian magazine this summer while hiking around Cape Breton. The original features a creamy slaw made of mayo, avocados and red cabbage. It seemed a natural substitute (and much easier) to simply use […]

Sportsing with Three Cheese Queso

There is more sportsing going on this weekend, I’m pretty sure. And then there is the Superbowl on the horizon. Perfect excuse to fine-tune your queso skills and score your own points with friends who will love you for the sake of cheese. And being together of course. But with cheese. I was challenged today […]

Possibly All My Cheese and Pancetta Pie

If one chooses to increase her atherosclerosis risk factors during the traditional Superbowl binge, let it not be with godawful Doritos and tired-old chip dips. Saturated fat, as a “sometimes food,” should be done right. For this year’s Game Day, I made a list of all of my favorite foods that contain shameful amounts of […]