Nourished on a Sunday

Perhaps Nourished spoke to me because I too recently discovered the healing power of food. Lia Huber has written this charming memoir with spiritual notes—a lovely Sunday morning sort of read—in which she describes the journey to the epiphany that food has soul. There are recipes, but for me, the real grit of her book […]

Emmer Tartine Bread and Bright Colors

Just before KP and I left Rochester, where we had painted our home fuchsia and lime, my grandmother Gigi sent me this evocative image by Brian Andreas* which spoke to the compulsion I have long since had ever after living in New Orleans—to splash walls (literal and figurative) with bright colors. To my delight, this […]

Whole Wheat Flaxen Tartine Bread

Bread dough offers a healthy reminder that even in your absence, the great world spins. Last night, when at long last I arrived back home in Rochester, to restore order in the only way I know I can, I promptly set about to making bread. But in the flurry of kisses from Izzy, the toppling […]

Tartine Baguettes

I have not been impressed with any green bread recipe I’ve ever tried. And Irish Soda Bread is, at best, a shot put. I did make some killer guac for the St. Patty’s Day party I attended over the weekend. This St Patrick’s Day, I’m simply celebrating nature’s early green curling onto the branches out […]

Semolina Tartine Bread and Sudden Spring

And of a sudden, Spring. We took to the streets, chickens too, eyes squinted to allow more space for smile. I went to procure the nearest ice cream cone with which to celebrate Melting Of All Kinds. We break bread and give thanks. Semolina Tartine Bread Adapted from the Tartine Bread book Sourdough          200 […]

Sesame Tartine Bread

And miles to go before I sleep/ And miles to go before I sleep. The pentameter of Robert Frost is a lullaby to winter, the journey into a darkened wood that passes farmhouses and lamp posts without relent, a cadence, a rhythm that in itself charms you into the sense that all is well, and […]

Olive You Tartine Bread

Blustered, we were, on the trip to the SF Bay Area this weekend. That is the best way to describe the windy dolldrums of Pooh weather smattering the ships in the harbor and blowing pedestrians up and down the slick, steep sidewalks of downtown. Where better to shelter from the storm than in the welcoming […]