Canning, or, Pioneers Against Lycopenemia

Because I Googled “lycopene toxicity,” I decided that this year I would start canning tomatoes. Lycopenemia at its worst gets you orange skin and a fatty liver (accomplished by drinking like two liters of tomato juice a day for ten years). When I stared down what had to be several gallons of cherry tomatoes brought […]

Tartine-Style Polenta Cornbread and Tomato Sauces

Mix it till it looks like quicksand, he’d say. Till it moves like a slow song sounds. Patricia Smith’s description of making cornbread with her father is perfect. Dough churning like a slow song sounds, smooth but with grit and fleck. I’ve made cornbread so many many ways. In waffles with chili, on a skillet […]

Orzo with Cherry Tomatoes, Capers and Lemon

By the time you are reading this, KP and I will be almost to New Orleans! When on the road, I have found it better all around (for health and finance) to pack your own food. Otherwise, you know me, I’ll be counting Hot Tamales and an iced vanilla latte as lunch and BBQ chicken […]