Whole Wheat Flaxen Tartine Bread

Bread dough offers a healthy reminder that even in your absence, the great world spins. Last night, when at long last I arrived back home in Rochester, to restore order in the only way I know I can, I promptly set about to making bread. But in the flurry of kisses from Izzy, the toppling […]

Whole Wheat Challah Back Girl

“Education doesn’t make you happy. Nor does freedom. We don’t become happy just because we’re free – if we are. Or because we’ve been educated – if we have. But because education may be the means by which we realize we are happy. It opens our eyes, our ears, tells us where delights are lurking, […]

Whole Wheat Tartine Bread Moves People

In the Emergency Department, one of the primary goals is to “move people.” One of my consultants told me that a common question in an EM residency interview is to be asked, “how are you at moving people?” An inquiry into how efficient you are with patient care, with, I believe, more of an emphasis […]

Whole Wheat Pita Bread

So, my brother didn’t believe these were whole wheat. These pitas puff up perfectly and the secret is you need to keep your oven hot hot hot and use a pizza stone.  Whole Wheat Pita Bread Adapted from Gourmet 1 (1/4-ounce) package active dry yeast (2 1/2 teaspoons) 1 teaspoon honey 1 1/4 cups warm […]

Pain de Regime Sur Poolish

Rye bread is best when prepared by the sponge method, I believe. This bread is SUPER healthy, and tasty, but, as Janelle points out, needs a little butter. Its crumb is the color of ash, almost a lavender-grey. When I eat a slice, I feel as though I have had two breakfasts. One slice sustains […]

Pain de Campagne Pate Fermentee

Pate Fermentee, or Old Dough Method, is great for people who want to make a bunch of dough and freeze it for later use. Take a cup-full of old dough from the freezer, let it thaw and rise for an hour or two, and then you can use it as a starter. Bread made by […]

Pain de Campagne Sur Poolish

Campagne is a “traditional country loaf” made in France. Its crust is dark and thick, almost caramelized, and dusted with flour.  A certain French philosopher, who I happen to admire not only for his Meditations but for his persistent Zooey Deschanel haircut, as very few men can pull off bangs, once wisely said this: “Wonder […]