Vollkornbrot the Better

The last time I made this hearty German bread, it wasn’t my favorite. This officially is. Wonderful for travel, because I think one slice is nearly a meal. After several weeks on a colorectal surgery service, I have been more than vigilant with my fiber intake. Nightmares of diverticulosis are becoming outpouchings of my REM cycle. Goodbye Florida…hello New Orleans!

I love the historical era when adjectives were tacked onto your name. I would want to be Rachel the Delicious.

volkornbrot the better

Vollkornbrot the Better

Adapted from Five Minutes a Day Artisan Bread

5 c. whole wheat flour

1 c wheat berries

1 c rye flakes

1 Tbl kosher salt

1 cup sourdough starter

3 3/4 c water

2 Tbl molasses

The recipe proceeds like the other 5 Minutes a Day no knead recipes. Mix the dry ingredients, add the wet, let rise and then, in this case, let the dough sit in the fridge for 24 hours to give the whole kernels time to absorb the water.

volkornbrot the better whole

It makes a heavy, coarse bread that doesn’t rise much in the pan (but does in the toilet—sorry, I could not resist the fiber joke).

My jokes are bad. My brother is Rachel the Better in the humor department. For example, here is one of his Christmas tags, from a gift to my husband.

dave funny christmas label

Turns out it was a T-shirt of my bulldog Izzy that said, “Where’s the Cheese?” Perfect. I’m starting to look like Izzy does when she is anxious to get home. This is what I will be doing tonight out the plane window on the way to New Orleans, surely, for me, a home among homes.

going home

Haiku #18

Walked along the bright

coastline where Hugenots were

Slaughtered on soft grass.

Haiku #19

Atrial flutter

Is the sawtooth of my tired

Conscience on floor eight.

Haiku #20


Brings to mind Willy Wonka’s

Rainy tunnel ride.

3 thoughts on “Vollkornbrot the Better

  1. “Rachel the Delicious” is a perfect name for you, given how delicious you make life for all of us who have the fortune of knowing you, both in person and through your writing! Also, I think your brother needs to be a professional gift tag author 🙂 Have a marvelous time in New Orleans!

    1. Haha– I think that is his fall back career. Thank you for your kinds words. Miss you– will have to coordinate a rendezvous now that I am back in the frozen North!

      1. I can only hope that I’ll see some of his gift tag masterpieces in a Hallmark store one of these days 😉 You are most welcome for the words, all of which are very well-deserved. Yes, I would of course love, love, love to see you soon! Let me know when you may be available for a meet-up 🙂

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