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How to keep from getting hangry when on-call. Healthy Skoop.

powder to the peeps

The cafeteria in my hospital is not open overnight, so woe is me when I am working a night call shift because the only other available free food source is the Resident Snack Room, a den of dietary sin with Hot Pockets, Lays chips, Rice Krispie Treats, Teddy Grahams, etc. A physical flashback of my elementary years. The only thing I’ve discovered to prevent me from curing my hangry-ness in that room is drinking one scrumptious protein shake before I go into work.

healthy skoop

I give you, My Favorite Call Smoothie

One cup plain Greek Yogurt

½ cup nonfat milk

2 cups frozen fruit (mangos and peaches are my fave)

1 scoop of Healthy Skoop Viva-nilla plant-based protein powder

1 scoop of Healthy Skoop plant-based Greens blend

healthy skoop powder

I recently discovered Healthy Skoop products, and LOVE this company. They are based out of Boulder, Colorado. One scoop of the protein powder has 16 grams of organic pea and brown rice protein, and it is flavored with cinnamon and coconut sugar so it has a lovely sweety, non chalk aroma. I even use a mini-scoop here and there as creamer in my coffee in the AM if I am feeling too lazy to get the Vitamix out.

protein latte

One other awesome thing about the company is that they give 3% of all sales proceeds to Project Produce – so that for every serving of Skoop you buy, they donate one serving of fruits and vegetables to schools participating in the National School Lunch grant program.

There is also a plant-based greens blend that has 6 servings of fruits and vegetables, probiotics including Lactobacilus, and other herbs like cordyceps, reishi, astragalus and rhodiola. This one also works in the mango smoothie.

healthy skoop with blend

This summer I’ve also been really into making popsicles. I bought little mini-popsicle molds which I keep on hand for lovely dilemmas like “Oops, I made too much protein shake” – freeze and make protein-rich mango peach creamsicles!

healthy skoop popsicle me and izzy and popsicle

Izzy loves the popsicles best.

izzy and skoop

This post is sponsored by Healthy Skoop, opinions and text all mine.

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  1. Love the name, it makes me think of Snoop Dogg – healthy, organic, socially conscious hip-hop smoothies, Powder to the People indeed! 🙂 Glad you’ve found a surefire way to prevent the horrible feeling of hangriness at work! And leave it to you to make pre-work smoothies fun, putting them in popsicle form and drinking them while wearing flip-flops and hanging out with Izzy 🙂

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