Enjoy Life with Valerie’s Cookies

It is important to enjoy life. Obvious, but bears daily reminder. One thing living in New Orleans has taught me is –frequent celebration is the secret of life. If you ever need a prompt to get your celebration on, check out National Today, a fantastic website that regards every day as a holiday. For example, today is National Squirrel Day. Tomorrow is National Blonde Brownie Day. I think National Beer Can Appreciation day is coming mid-week. Check it out. Not living in New Orleans is no excuse to miss out on having a daily party.

Cookies are very helpful in this regard. I love this cookbook, Valerie’s Home Cooking, by Valerie Bertenelli, such beautiful photography, I’ve flagged page after page after page. I’ve found that cookies are restorative to a call cycle in the hospital. I made these Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies for the last cycle—they were gone before noon. Great texture and flavor. Izzy asked if she could model the book.

Another important stable are easy on-the-go snacks—like all of these sent to me by Enjoy Life. THANK YOU! My white coat pockets are stuffed with teal wrappers and tasty crumbs. #sponsored

Looking forward to hosting a popcorn party on February 4th – the whole point is the popcorn and food for me (and to celebrate the first two days off in a row in 6 weeks), but I imagine the rest of the country will be excited for the football game.

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  1. Yay for parties, cookies, and two days in a row off for you! I hope you got to partake in joyous celebrations and deep relaxation. I love your dog model too, such a doll 🙂 Love and hugs to y’all! XOXOXO

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