Grilled Chicken and Veggie Pesto Pizza

I’m afraid that here in Minnesota we have come to the season wherein the mere idea of a sauna is the motive force behind each step I take toward winter. Ooh, it’s getting cold. And I’m frantic to make soup. Or piping hot pizza with all the veggies the summer has left behind. Grilled Chicken […]

Mini Cauliflower Bites, or Plant Gout

Cauliflower, to me, looks like a plant with gout. Not hard to tell I’m back on the old medicine service! Meanwhile, major developments in the backyard garden—cauliflower ready to harvest—only took 75 days of staring at it to get it to bloom. I used to eat Pizza Bagel Mini Bites when I was in grade […]

Pizza Arteries

There’s nothing like an endarterectomy to make you reconsider having pizza for dinner. This might be the last pizza I’ll ever eat. And as such, I’ve shaped it into a large abdominal aortic aneurysm in tribute to the body part it jeopardizes.  Surgery has taught me so much. For example, there’s nothing like taking surgery […]

Ricotta Calzones

Traveled across an ocean, admittedly of corn, to arrive in Iowa City last night for the Examined Life Conference to which I brought my usual song and dance, and this time, one more song and dance. I have a travel buddy, the infamous Linda Drozdowicz, medical school classmate, aka, the only person you can call […]

Deep Dish Pizza

Who would have thought potatoes were the secret ingredient of excellent deep dish pizza? The reason? The high starch profile jump-starts fermentation, therein creating a complex profile of flavors, and even leaves a little sugar in excess to sweeten the deep dish crust; also, the potato starches interfere with the gluten bonding among the flour […]