This page is really just for me, links to resources I use in the clinic and on the wards. If you too are a medical student/resident, enjoy. If you have no idea what any of these acronymns are, be grateful and oblivious.

Emergency Meds Medicine Infectious Disease
NIHSS  NIH Daily Med JNC 7 Reference Card Antibiogram
tpa for Stroke  PDR /articles&quiz Falls in the Elderly CDC
Ultrasound Pearls  CYPs and P450 ATP III Cholesterol CDC STD Report
Note Template  No Crush List COPD IDSA Guidelines
SAFE-T for Suicide  Bowel Regimen ICU Quick Medicine H&P CDC Travel
GCS Beers List Full Meal Deal Vaccination Schedule
ACS Neurology Heart murmurs  Psychiatry
ICU Radiology Folstein Maintenance Fluids  Psych Glossary
ER Radiology Stroke Hx Vitamin K Food List  Capacity Eval
Toxidromes Neuro Exam Template Nausea  GAD7
Calculators Hunt and Hess SAH QTC meds  PHQ9
Framingham Score Ischemic Stroke Tx Natural Medicine Database  Mood Q
CHA2DS2 AF Stroke ICH Tx Bowel Regimen  Mood Log
TIMI for UA/NSTEMI SAH Tx Electrolyte Replacemt  BorderlineQ
Free Water  Catalonia Rating Scale  geri MDD
 Benzo conv
 Antipsych conv
 Renal dosing psych meds.