Spicy Burgers on Tartine Brioche for Graduation BBQ

For those of you who have come to believe this is a health food blog, with this post, I burst your bubble with a slick sud of saturated fat. As a flexatarian, I readily celebrate calls for exception, calls for wild food abandon, when such calls satisfy certain theology and geometry. Graduating from medical school, […]

Brioche de Nanterre

This brioche, the last of my brioche series, is the bread of the famous phrase “Let them eat cake,” which most people attribute to Queen Marie-Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI, but may have been said by some other rich and out of touch French lady royalty: “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.” Let them eat brioche! […]

Brioche Mousseline

A variation on the brioche recipe of yesterday is the brioche mousseline. The word mousseline in French refers to fabric, like silk or chiffon. Light and smooth, creamy and rich. Like the sounds of the group I have the Absolute Pleasure of singing with tonight at Target Field—The Baby Blues is the name of the […]

Brioche a Tete

I made Brioche before following the Baking Illustrated recipe, which uses only half the yeast and is, in bulk, half the amount of this one. This recipe could feed a small village for breakfast. Lots of butter, lots of lift. Also different is the traditional shaping of various brioches (about which The Village Baker goes […]


What better to serve at a decadent Academy Awards party than a decadent loaf of buttery brioche? I barely tasted the brioche, so quickly it disappeared from the party platter. Janelle and Lorraine were especially fond of the bread—rumor has it they had a little shoving match next to the oven over a slice. Nothing […]